Make $601.50 by Watching YouTube Videos (FREE) | Make Money Online

Make $601.50 by Watching YouTube Videos (FREE) | Make Money Online 🎙️Millionaire Mindset Podcast (Constant PayPal Giveaways) …


45 thoughts on “Make $601.50 by Watching YouTube Videos (FREE) | Make Money Online”

  1. hehe, I love thisadvice cause it's so time saving. I like watching videos a lot so why not to get money for that. and I think that a very cool combination would be to use Honeygain or any similar app in the background. It pays just for being online, so as you'll be watching videos, you can earn extra with Honeygain so why not to take that extra 35$ by doing nothing. if nothing changed they also give 5$ free for now users who register using code – luckybee

  2. How does one exchange tokens for PayPal money.
    I earned 100 tokens by subscribing to two channels. Then my tokens went down to 80 all by themselves. What happened? Apparently, other members can just take what your offer slider offers (there's a place with a slider that sets what you are willing to pay in way of tokens to get some kind of activity on your own site). This slider cannot be placed below 10. Consequently, as far as I can see there is no way of preventing your tokens from being taken by other members, so you can't necessarily keep them all available to use with playerup customers. Also, you'll never be able to earn enough free tokens to make sales on playerup. You would have to buy them and hope to use them at a profit with sales on playerup. How can you guarantee the purchaser on playerup that you can provide likes or subscriptions, etc. in any particular timeframe, when the people on linkcollider can just take or ignore your offer? You may never be able to make good on your offer to your customer on playerup.

  3. AGAIN we don't know if we ever going to sell the subscribe, like or whatever ?!??why you don't tell this !!! (it can be 1day,or 1 year we don't know when going to make a sell …jusr stupid)

  4. Hello my friend, I've been following your channel for several months now and I have to say that a lot sounds very interesting. I have already seen some things on other channels but that's ok. I copied many of your suggestions 1: 1 and even tried it in other niches after it didn't work in your proposed niches but the result was an overall profit of $ 0.00 … At least a somewhat sobering result I got to know a lot of new and interesting websites and I had some entertainment in the last few weeks

  5. JAY IS THE MANNNNN!! I’ve taken all of Jay’s advice, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m target to make a million! I’ve just created a youtube channel to follow my progress. My first video is already live! I would love some support/ feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out!

  6. G'day there Jay…hope you're well, you among a few others have inspired me to change my channel direction and explore online money making opportunities other than ebay…for that i thank you

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